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Feature Image description Image file
Ultra Base Navigation—navigation outside of courses Ultra navigation > click into a course ultra_base_navigation.png
  Profile ultra_instr_profile_edits_settings.png
  Customize your experience > select a language pack ultra_profile_locale_selection.png
  Options on the Courses page ultra_instr_courses_page.png
  Options on the Calendar page Student_Calendar.png
  Messaging within a course ultra_instr_view_messages_w_peek_panel.png
  View the Tools page ultra_stud_tools.png
  Student view of the Grades page StudentGradeinBaseNav.png
Discussions Options on the Discussions page within a course about_discussions_ultra.png
  Create a discussion and available options ultra_instr_discussion_create.png
  Manage discussions and available options ultra_instructor_discussion_options.png
  Grade discussions and available options ultra_instructor_discussion_settings_panel_2.png
  View discussion activity and grade a student ultra_instructor_grade_from_participation.png
  View discussion activity for all students ultra_instructor_DFI_top_participants.png
Set up courses Manage and enroll users ultra_instructor_roster2.png
  Set course availability ultra_instructor_complete_course.png
  Preview courses not yet open to students ultra_conversion_choice.png
Course content Add, organize, and release course content ultra_course_content_with_visibility.png
  Copy content between Ultra courses you teach ultra_instr_copy_content.png
  Export or archive course with the option to include student activity history ultra_instructor_export.png
  Import course packages (automatically) excluding student data ultra_import.png
  Set dates to release content ultra_release_content_date.png
  Link newly created content add_link_to_file.png
Assignments Create assignments from the Course Content page ultra_add_assignment_plus_sign.png
  Encourage conversation ultra_instructor_conversation_access.png
  Add instructions and content to questions through text blocks and files ultra_add_question_text_file_create_test.png
  Create a group assignment ultra_instr_assignment_assign_to_groups.png
  Grade group assignments ultra_instr_group_grading_access.png
  Options for grading multiple attempts ultra__assign_instructor_choose_multiple_attempts.png
Tests, pools, and surveys > creation Create tests and edit settings such as randomization, conversation permission, time limits, and due dates ultra_instructor_create_test.png
  Add media files to tests ultra_instructor_media_file_edit_settings.png
  Add, edit, or delete test questions ultra_instructor_mc_question_edit.png
  Give partial credit for Multiple Choice questions with multiple correct answers ultra_multiple_answer_scoring_options.png
  Reorder test questions ultra_tests_reorder_questions.png
Tests, pools, and surveys > grading See how many tests need grading and get started ultra_access_test_to_grade.png
  Monitor submission status, select names to begin grading individual submissions, and post grades from one page ultra_instructor_test_submission_list_2.png
  Assign different grades to group members in submission view or gradebook grid view ultra_instructor_grade_group_test_list.png
  Choose different ways to calculate grades for tests with multiple attempts ultra_instructor_grade_single_attempt_from_multi_update.png
  Resolve student issues with a test > clear the submission to allow a student to retake ultra_tests_grade_student_submission.png
Course conversion > from Original to Ultra Course View Start the Ultra preview >

Select Experience the new Learn in the top-right corner

  Details of what's supported in the Ultra Course Preview ultra_instructor_ultra_course_preview.png
  Decision time >

Permanently convert to Ultra or stay with Original Course View

Rubrics Create a rubric with rows and columns to show achievement levels ultra_rubric_example_instructor.png
  Auto-adjust percentage-based rubrics ultra_rubric_balance_criteria.png
  Add a rubric from the assessment Settings panel ultra_instructor_newrubric.png
  Add an optional description of corresponding achievement level ultra_rubric_add_description.png
  Add and manage rubrics from the gradebook ultra_rubric_create_from_gradebook.png
  Student view of an assessment graded with a rubric ultra_student_assignment_submit_1.png
  Copy a rubric after an item has used it for grading ultra_inst_copy_rubric_from_graded_item.png