This information applies only to the Original experience.

This information applies only to the Original experience. Notifications are enabled for all users in the Ultra experience.

Administrators can prefill users' default notification choices. Users can customize these default selections, depending on the setting. Administrators can also override all users' personal settings.

Administrators also control the email format—individual or daily digest—and the number of days before the removal of a notification. To learn more, see Setting Notification Options.

Learn how to set up SMS notifications in your Blackboard Learn environment.

Default notification settings

On the Administrator Panel in the Courses section, select Course Settings. Select Default Notification Settings.

You can use Bulk Notification Settings to change users' default options for all notifications within a particular distribution method all at once. Use the Settings section to change users' default options for individual notification types.

  • Default On or Default Off presets a user's choice with the option for the user to change it. Changing a setting from Default On to Default Off or Default Off to Default On doesn't change any user's existing personal settings.
  • Always On or Always Off changes all users' personal settings regardless of their previous settings and prevents users from changing the setting. Changing from a Default setting to an Always setting and back to a Default setting does not restore a user's previous choice from when the setting was set to Default.

Always On is never permitted for SMS or Text-to-Voice notifications. Administrators can't force users to receive these message types. Users must always opt in. Text-to-Voice notifications aren't available for activity generated by courses in the Ultra Course View.

User notification settings

If allowed by an administrator, users can configure the notifications they receive and choose how they receive their notifications.

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