Properties define when users will see a certain brand. Properties must be defined when adding a brand and can be changed at any time by selecting Properties from the Manage Brands page.

Create a brand or edit brand properties

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, select Brands and Themes.
  2. Select Manage Brands.
  3. To create a new brand, select Create Brand. To edit an existing brand, select Edit in the brand's menu.

    The following table describes the available properties.

    Brand Properties
    Field Description
    Brand Name Provide a name for the brand. The name is used to organize brands, it does not display to users.
    Host Name Select an existing hostname for the brand. The host name is used to access the system. For example:
    Or enter a new host Provide a new hostname. Make sure that the hostname is resolved on the network DNS server.
    Institution Role Select a primary Institution Role for the brand. If no role is selected, the brand will display to all users that use the brand's hostname to access the system.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select Save and Customize to update the theme and settings for the brand.