Concurrent Session Control – 3900.71

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Impact: All users
Related topics: Session Management

We have updated our system to enhance security and meet IL4 certification requirements. Administrators can now restrict users from accessing Learn on more than one device at the same time. At login, users receive a notification that they will be logged out from any other devices.

This feature can benefit institutions that would like to increase academic honesty during assessments by restricting the number of devices used by a single user.

Image 1: Concurrent session notice

oncurrent session notice

Image 2: Concurrent session notice for mobile users

Concurrent session notice for mobile users

Image 3: Administrator view - Concurrent Session Control

Administrator view - Concurrent Session Control

For administrators: The default value is unlimited for every institution. Administrators may define their preference in the Administrator Tool Panel > Security module > Account Lock Settings option.
This feature is available for all users of the Mobile App. No action is needed from users who have enabled automatic updates on their devices. Users who have turned off automatic updates on their devices must download the update.

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