Collaborate Panel

  1. On the main page, go to the Open Collaborate Panel button. The button is one Tab stop after the Open Session Menu button.
  2. Spacebar or select Open Collaborate Panel button to open the Collaborate panel. The Collaborate panel has the following four-tab panels:
    • Chat
    • Attendees
    • Share Content
    • My Settings
  3. Use Left and Right Arrow keys or select the tab name to go between the tabs. If using JAWS in Chrome to navigate panel content:
    1. Use Insert + F6 to open the Headings dialog.
    2. Select the heading of the panel you are in.
    3. Tab to get to each of the buttons and links in the panel, with the exception of using the Down arrow in the Attendees panel to go between the different attendee types, then using Tab to get to buttons.