Description of content types in the menus
Tool Bar Icon Description

HTML iframe element

Editable: No, you must use the Trait Manager Settings.

Droppable: No, you can't drop other blocks or components inside.

Component Tool Bar:

Parent Selectable: Yes, you can select parent element from component.

Draggable: Yes, you can drag this component to other locations in the canvas.

Copyable: Yes, you can copy component in the canvas.

Removable: Yes, you can delete this component from the canvas.

Trait Manager Settings: Yes

  • Address: Sets the location address for the iframe url. Default is N/A.
  • Map Width: Used in conjunction with Map Height to set responsive video ratio. Default is 800.
  • Map Height: Used in conjunction with Map Width to set responsive video ratio. Default is 250.
  • Map Type: Sets the visual type of map. Default is Road Map. Options are:
    • Road Map
    • Satellite
  • Zoom: Sets the zoom for the map. Default is 15. Slider goes from 1 - 20.

Default Styles (doesn't include default browser styles): No

Child Components: No

Unique Documentation: Yes

  • The map component is a Google map. The map component will always assume the full width of its parent element. It is fully responsive and will scale with the parent container with the ratio set via Map Width and Map Height settings.

Stylable: Yes, when double-clicked, some options are available via inline rich-text editor. These Style Manager options are available:

  • margin-top
  • margin-bottom
  • margin-left
  • margin-right