SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that allows your instructor to check the originality of a homework submission. SafeAssign automatically conducts the check by comparing your assignment against a database of other assignment submissions.

Original: Submit an assignment using SafeAssign

Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Ultra" help about submitting an assessment using SafeAssign.

SafeAssign can only process files smaller than 10MB. If your submission is larger than 10MB, SafeAssign won't be able to process it.

If your instructor hasn't allowed multiple attempts, you may submit your assignment only once. Before you select Submit, be sure that you have attached any required files. Make sure your file is in the correct format under a 10 MB limit and under 100 000 words.

  1. Access the assignment. On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions, due date, points possible, and download any files provided by your instructor. A message appears to let you know that your submission will be processed by SafeAssign.
  2. Select Write Submission to expand the area where you can type your submission.
  3. Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer.


    Drag and drop files from your device to Attach Files area. If your browser allows, you can also drag a folder of files. Files will upload individually. If the browser doesn't allow you to submit your assignment after you upload a folder, select Do not attach in the folder's row to remove it. You can drag the files individually and submit again. You can use the file name or provide another name for the file.

  4. Optionally, enter Comments about your submission.
  5. Select Submit.

After you submit an assignment using SafeAssign, a slight delay occurs between the upload and the availability of the Originality Report. Results are normally available within 10-15 minutes.

Original: View SafeAssign submissions

View your submission and the SafeAssign reports associated with it by accessing the assignment after you submit your paper.

This option is available only if allowed by your instructor.

  1. Return to the assignment you submitted previously.
  2. Under Assignment Details, select SafeAssign.
  3. View the overall match percentage that SafeAssign detected. If you have multiple attachments, SafeAssign analyzes each attachment.
  4. If your instructor allowed multiple attempts, select other attempts to view SafeAssign's analysis for that content.
  5. To learn more, select View Originality Report for an attempt.

More on the Originality Report

Ultra: Submit an assignment or test using SafeAssign

Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Original" help about submitting an assignment using SafeAssign.

Your instructor is using SafeAssign if you see Originality Report enabled in the Details & Information of your assignment or test.

Assignments and tests using SafeAssign in the Ultra Course View don't require you to take any extra steps when you're ready to submit your work. SafeAssign automatically checks your work, including attachments and text responses, for matches to published materials.

When you open an assignment, you're informed if your submission is set to be graded anonymously.

Make sure your file is in the correct format under a 10 MB limit and under 100 000 words.

More on anonymous grading

Ultra: View SafeAssign submissions

SafeAssign starts processing your assignment or test as soon as you hit Submit. While the service analyzes your work, Originality Report in progress appears on the panel. SafeAssign creates an Originality Report for each part of your assignment or test, including text questions and attachments.

Your instructor decides whether you can see Originality Reports for your assignment attempt.

You can view the Originality Report before your instructor grades your attempt. Open the Details & Information panel and select View Originality Report. If your instructor allowed multiple attempts, SafeAssign analyzes all of your attempts separately. You can find the Originality Report for each attempt in the Submission panel.

If allowed by your instructor, the Originality Report appears side-by-side with your attempt. The top of the Originality Report displays the overall text matching that SafeAssign detected. Select an entry under Originality Report to view the full report.

More on how to read the Originality Report

Creating a submission means you agree to the terms and conditions listed above the File submissions area. We provide a link to both the Blackboard Terms and Service and Blackboard Privacy Policy. We recommend reading through those two policies before submitting your assignment.

Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global References Databases

If Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global References Databases is selected, the submission won't be added to the Institutional and Global databases. The submission is stored as a draft in our internal DB for technical purposes. Drafts have the ability to get the Originality report to understand the matching score, however, no other submission can be matched against this draft.


  • Submissions A, B and C are the same documents.
  • Submission A, included in DBs, is submitted and OR is generated.
  • Submission B, excluded from DBs, is submitted and OR is generated, referencing found match in Submission A.
  • Submission C, included in DBs, is submitted, and OR is generated, referencing found match in
  • Submission A, however, the OR will not see Submission B as a possible matching source.