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20181009 release

New features

  • Recording views report
  • Storage quota report
  • Session and Attendance report
  • Add context to term endpoint


  • Improved accessibility features for TermSearch component
  • Made term table page in Data Dictionary accessible by keyboard

Bug fixes

  • Refactor Note Endpoints for ID column
  • Fixed None Type errors on missing preferred_warehouse LDP-Import


20180514 release

New Features

  • Added Campus as an optional column that can be sorted and a filter in the user-interface.
  • In coordination with our consultants, our South African customers can now add Quintile as a configurable column in the Advise interface, and enabled multi-option filtering.
  • Added multi-select functionality for the Major filter


  • Updated Probability of Passing to make it clearer that it is an average of all courses the student is taking.