This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Understand your students' journeys

Want to learn more about a certain student? You can track students' grades and activity levels across time to see when they started to improve or slip from the Course Activity Related to Grades page.

  1. Find the student you want to learn more about by typing a name in the search bar and click their name. If you're in chart view, the student's point appears in purple on the course-wide scatter plot. In table view, the student's cell is highlighted.
  2. Select a student's point and select View Details or select the arrow next to the selected student's name.

More on Course Activity Related to Grades

What to expect

You'll arrive at two scatter plots. The first compares the student's activity count over time to the class average. The second compares the student's grade over time to the class average. You'll notice the student's activity and grade decrease or increase in conjunction.

The vertical bars represent the range of the class average with a standard deviation of +/- 1.

Take action

Download your data. Select the Download options icon to save your data either as an image or PDF.

Make an appointment. Select the Schedule an appointment icon to schedule a meeting or study session with struggling students.

Message students. Select the Send message icon to send a note of encouragement, concern, or congratulations. Your selected students auto-populate as recipients. You can also add other recipients.