This page contains a list of potential Learn Ultra issues and their workarounds to help you move forward with Learn Ultra, when things don't work quite as expected.

Learn Ultra Troubleshooting

A compendium of known issues appearing in Learn Ultra and their workarounds that will help you and guide your decision making on how to move forward when things don't quite behave as you expect, and how to better take advantage of what Learn Ultra has to offer.

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Learn Ultra troubleshooting item
CategoryKeywordsQuestion or issueTroubleshooting suggestion
General issuesTroubleshooting Support

How do I contact Blackboard support?

This is handled at the Institutional level, please reach out to your Blackboard System Adminstrator(s) or local support team.

Find out your institutions Help Desk providing your University's name

General issuesError messageWhat do I do if I (or one of my students) encounter an error stating "Sorry your name is not on the list" or "Oops! Something went wrong"?You will typically need to contact your Institution's System Administrator. If you are presented with a 'session debug code' link, please select it and then select 'request log code'. This will provide you with a unique error id that you can share with your Support Team as it will be very helpful in getting your issue resolved.
General issuesConverting Courses from Original View to Ultra ViewWill Original discussion boards copy over to Ultra courses?Yes, however the location of the Discussions are in a different place, if you had a direct link to the Discussions/Forums in your Course Content, it will lead to a blank page. Have your users go to the Course Discussions instead.
General issuesConverting Courses from Original View to Ultra ViewCan I use my old tests?

It depends, many (but not all) of the Original View question types are supported in Ultra. For a complete list, please refer to the 'question types' section of the Tests creation page.

Learn more on test creation

General issuesEnrollmentsHow do I add users to my Course?

On the Roster page, access a person's menu. Select Edit member information to open the Member Information panel. You can change anyone's role, deny access to your course, or remove a person from your course. Your institution controls what you can do.
In the panel, you can also update your personal information. Your changes are reflected in your profile and throughout the system. Students can edit their information in the same way.

Learn more on course enrollment

General issuesPasswordHow do I change my password?Your instituion controls whether or not you will have the ability to change your password. Additional, if your Instution uses Single Sign On, your password may need to be changed via an external system. Please reach out to your System Adminsitrator for claification.
General issuesCollaborateHow do I access recordings?Collaborate is not part of Anthology anymore. You can learn more about it in its new Class page.

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Watch a video about Base Navigation

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Ultra Base Navigation shows an introduction to the Ultra visualization of courses.

Base Navigation video introduction