This feature is controlled by a service that's available based on your region. Your institution also controls whether this feature is available. Contact your institution administrator for more information.

Online courses help you connect easily with students and other course members from different locations. Although the online environment is convenient, instructors often need to find new ways to engage their students with the material without face-to-face conversations. If you're unable to meet with students offline, you can use audio/video recordings to build relationships and provide more personal interactions with the students in your courses.

You can find the recording option in the editor of the Feedback area for graded items in both course views. In this topic, learn more about how to record feedback in your Blackboard Learn courses.

Record feedback

You can embed audio and video recordings with your feedback as you grade attempts. Students watch or listen to your feedback alongside any text you include. Blackboard Learn provides auto-captioning for assessment feedback to increase accessibility for students. You do not need to turn on this feature.

Recordings can help you connect with students in courses with little to no face time. When paired with text feedback, video and audio recordings can help provide students with useful, actionable, and more personal feedback regarding their submissions.

Audio and video feedback isn't supported in grading with rubrics at this time. This feature isn't supported on all browsers. For the best experience, use Chrome or Firefox.

You can start grading attempts multiple ways. Find the attempt you want to grade and open the Grade Details page.

You can also start grading from an attempt. In the grading sidebar, select the down arrow to expand the panel. Select the editor icon represented by the letter A at the bottom of the Feedback to Learner box. The editor opens in a pop-up window.

In the Feedback to Learner window, select the Add Content icon in the last row of the editor. This action opens a new window where you have to select the Insert from Webcam option.

This feature  is only visible for non-automated feedback. The 'Insert from Webcam' option will only appear in the Add content window for personalized, individual feedback.

You need to give the browser permission to use audio and video the first time you open the recording window.

In the window that opens, select the camera icon on the recording interface to enable your camera. Without the camera enabled, the tool only records audio when you begin. When you're ready, select the Record button to capture your audio and video feedback.

  1. Get ready to record as the tool counts down. You can make a recording to five minutes long.
  2. Select Pause recording to stop and resume recording your feedback or select Stop recording to review the recording and save or discard. You can delete the recording and start over if you want to re-record.
  3. Select Save and exit if you're satisfied with the recording and want to share it with the student.
  4. Next, rename the recording and add alternative text to make it accessible to all users. The system uses the recording time and date for these fields by default.
  5. Select Insert recording to finish the process and insert the feedback into the editor.

Feedback recordings are unique to each student's submission. You can't download, share, or reuse recordings created in the feedback editor.

Want to access a recording you sent to a student? From a student's cell in the Grade Center, select View Grade Details.

Recording files

Recording files aren't included in course archives or backups, though the file association is retained. The recording should appear within the data retention window when the course is restored on the same Blackboard Learn system. Contact your administrator for more specific information about data retention at your institution.

You can copy a course with users and retain grades and recording files. On the Copy Course page, select Copy Course with Users (Exact Copy) and all user records, including the recording files and associations, are copied to the new course.

What do students see?

Students can access the recording with grade details and any other feedback you leave from the item or My Grades. The recordings stream to student devices and don't require them to download anything. Students can play the recordings on most modern browsers without any additional plugins or extensions. Students can't download or save recordings.