The SIS Framework Snapshot Flat File integration type provides you with the ability to integrate your Enterprise data with Learn taking advantage of the latest Learn capabilities. Snapshot Flat File is built out with flexibility in mind. This document provides examples of Snapshot Flat File feeds from the simple "required only" fields to more comprehensive examples. The examples are grouped based on integration object, such as Users, Courses, and so on, and each example is presented along with a use case and description so that you can see quickly whether that example suits your needs. Every group will contain a "just the basics example."

The examples are topical to the integration object, but cumulatively provide a map for how a full User through Hierarchy integration may be constructed. The information provided is intended to provide a template to follow for constructing your own data feeds.

User Examples

Course Examples

Membership Examples

Term Examples


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Data Source Key Overview

Hierarchy example coming soon!