Configure the style and organization of modules on a tab from the Default Layout page. Administrators can create additional module themes to change the style of modules from the Customize Module Theme page.

Edit the default layout

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Communities section, select Tabs and Module.
  2. Select Tabs.
  3. In the tab's menu, select Default Layout. This table describes the available fields.
    Default Layout Available Fields
    Field Description
    Set Column Widths
    Column Widths Select the width of each column in the tab. To use the default values, select Default. Specify the Menu Column in pixels or percentages. The default value for the Menu Column is 150 pixels. The Pixels and Percentages option specifies the Menu Column in pixels and the other columns in percentages. To specify the menu column in percentages, select Percentages and type the numeric value for each column's width. The total value of all percentages must be equal to or less than 100%.
    Set Header
    Header Select a module to use as a header for the tab. Or, select No Header.
    Set the Topmost Module
    Select the modules you want located and pinned to the top of each column. Pinned modules appear to all users.
    Set Content Layout
    Order the modules with the up and down arrows. Remove modules with the X icon. Modules marked with asterisks are required and you can't remove them.
    Set Footer
    Footer Select a module to use as footer for the tab. Or, select No Footer.
    Set Module Theme
    Select Theme Select one of the themes for displaying modules on the tab. You can create dditional themes with the Customize Module Theme feature.
  4. Select Submit.