Customizing the brand defines its style to users.

Customize the default brand

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, select Brands and Themes.
  2. Select Manage Brands.
  3. Open a brand's menu.
  4. Select Customize. The following table describes the available options:
    Customize Default Brand Available Options
    Field Description
    Themes and Colors
    Select Theme Select a theme from the list. To open the theme in a preview pane, select Preview. To download a copy of the theme to edit offline, select Download.
    Select Color Palette Select the plus icon next to Color Palette Library to open the library. Select the appropriate color palette. To download a copy of the color palette to edit offline, select Download.
    Customize Colors
    UI Elements Use the lists beside each UI element to select a background color, text color, active tab color, or title text color. Certain UI elements have the option of selecting a background image.
    Save as New Color Palette Use these fields to save the changes to the UI Elements as a new color palette. Select the Save as New Color Palette check box, and then provide a palette name and a reference name. Select Apply All Changes to save the new color palette.

    This is the only place in the system to create and save a new color palette.

    Navigation Settings
    Tabs Tab Style: Select the shape of the tabs from the available options. Tab Alignment: Select the justification of the tabs across the top frames from the available options.
    Set Top Frame Size Select one of the following options to determine the size of the header frame for the portal and for course websites: Always Use Large Frame, Always Use Small Frame, or Use Large Frame for Portal and Small Frame for Courses.
    Banner Image Select Browse to select an image file on the system. This image becomes the banner image on the top frame. The file must be in GIF or JPEG format and no bigger than 35px in height. To replace a banner image, add a new image or select Remove. Provide a URL in the Banner Image Link box to link to an external image. Provide alt text for the banner image to improve accessibility.
    Designate Home and Support Links Home Link: Provide a URL that links to the Home icon in the My Blackboard Global Navigation menu. Users who select the Home button will be taken to this link. Be sure to type the full URL.

    For example:, not or

    Support Link: For the Help icon in the My Blackboard Global Navigation menu, you can choose to link to or type a link to your institution's help. Be sure to type the full URL.

    For example:, not or

    Linking the Help button to the support section of the Blackboard website gives users quick access to discussions, FAQs, and documentation. The URL for the Blackboard Support web page is

    Users won't see changes to these links until they log out and log back in.

    Direct Access Tab and Module Content Select an institution role. The tabs and modules available to that institution role will be available to users that access that brand before users log in. After logging in, modules and tabs will be presented based on users' institution roles.
    Course Name Usage Choose how to present the course name to be displayed in the orientation bar and course menu.

    To return all the settings to their defaults, select Reset Navigation Settings.

  5. Select Submit.