Blackboard Connect provides a platform that enables institutions to reach their entire communities in minutes through voice and text messaging capabilities. The Blackboard Learn integration with Blackboard Connect extends this distribution capability to existing Learn tools for system announcements and event notifications. This section provides the steps and requirements needed to implement the Connect Message Gateway with Blackboard Connect. Information about implementing Blackboard Connect is available separately.


The Connect integration with Learn relies on the use of Learn Web Services and the Proxy Tools infrastructure.

The following requirements need to be met before beginning registration.

  • Must be on Blackboard Learn version 9.1 or later.
  • Two of the existing Web Services shipped with Blackboard Learn must be available at all times for the integration to work. This means they must be both Available and Discoverable. For additional security it is recommended to turn require SSL for both Services as well.
  • The two services are and The configuration options for each are available from the Administrator Panel under Web Services.

Disabling the integration

Administrators can disable the proxy tool in which all settings for Connect will be deactivated.