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Per Apple and Google policy introduced in late 2017, Blackboard must transfer the app listing to Apple® and GoogleTM accounts held by your organization. An app listing is the shelf space of the App Store and Google Play Store and on which the mobile app sits. This change is nothing more than changing the location of where the app listing resides. Blackboard will continue to manage the code, the app listing, and deliver new versions of the app to the store. Read more about what is changing, what is not, and why in the release notes.

To realize this change, the following three items will need to be completed:

  1. To receive the app listing, your organization must have a Google Play Console account, and both the Apple Developer and Apple App Store Connect account. Note that Apple Developer and App Store Connect are two halves of the same whole within the Apple developer program, and that the term “developer” does not indicate that you are expected to become developers nor be expected to perform any development work. Apple Developer deals with back-end items such as certificates and files necessary for app functionality, whereas App Store Connect deals with front-end items such as the app listing, the screenshots, and if your app is available for download or not.
  2. Next, for Blackboard to transfer the app listing to your organization, the Mobile App Team at Blackboard will require some key pieces of information from you.
  3. Lastly, for Blackboard to continue maintaining your app listing, and deliver new versions of your app to the store, access to each account will need to be granted: Google Play Console, Apple Developer, and Apple App Store Connect.

This set of instructions will walk you through how to create these accounts, submit the needed transfer information to Blackboard, and invite Blackboard to these accounts.

By the end of this process, you will:

  • Have an organizationally-owned Google Play Console account
  • Have an organizationally-owned Apple Developer account
  • Have an organizationally-owned Apple App Store Connect account
  • Have Blackboard be a member of all three accounts mentioned above
  • Have your district app listing in your district owned Google Play Console and Apple App Store Connect accounts

Before you begin

Have these things available before you begin the process: 

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Best practices

  • As you set up your accounts, we highly recommend writing down all information.
  • Bookmark the links to Google Play Console, Apple Developer, and App Store Connect.
  • Losing access to these accounts can be serious. Keep track of all account-related information.

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