New Blackboard Data Reporting March 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 15 March 2022
Reporting, Updated Features, New Features

We’re pleased to announce the release of Blackboard Data Reporting, a new suite of reports to help institutional leaders to make data-informed decisions about policy and practice within the EdTech platform. 

This solution includes three reporting areas: 

  • Learning: relating to learner activity, engagement, and performance. 

  • Teaching: relating to instructional practice and course design.

  • Leading: relating to institutional success and tool adoption. Includes improved versions of the adoption reports previously in Blackboard Reporting. 

These reports comprise 21 dashboards and more than 100 visualizations and insights, and our question-focused user experience makes it easy to understand the purpose of each insight. 

Blackboard Data Reporting is included as a standard for Learn SaaS clients in eligible locations.

As this is an early release of this solution, there are some known issues relating to the accessibility of the reporting content, for which we’re working closely with AWS QuickSight,the business intelligence tool we use to develop these reports, to resolve as a matter of urgency. The reports are currently only available in US English, but we’re working on localization and expect to have the reports localized in 14 languages within Q2. 

We'd like your help in improving these reports and generating new ideas, and to support this we'll prompt users with targeted questions in the What’s New panel in the reports, where you will also find a new Feature Requests panel to enable submission and voting on new ideas. 

In order to support broader usage of these reports across your institution, we’re increasing the number of individual accounts you can request from 5 to 20, and we would encourage you to use these for institutional leaders such as: 

  • Provosts 

  • Deans 

  • Heads of eLearning/Curriculum Development 

  • Heads of Distance and Online Learning 

  • Student Success leadership 

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