Chat profanity filter

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 20.14 | Release to Production 6 August 2020
New features

We are excited to announce the new profanity filter for English and Spanish terms. Now, if someone uses inappropriate words in the chat those words are filtered out. The words are replaced with a series of stars.

This feature primarily filters out some of the most commonly used offensive terms relating to race/national origin and gender identity/expression, as well as derogatory slang for body parts or sexual acts.  It is in English, French, and Spanish.  It is primarily intended for use by K12 schools.  The default is that this feature is disabled.  We understand that, by its nature, no such list will be complete and is likely to be over- or under-inclusive.

The chat profanity filter is off by default. Moderators can turn it on in Session Settings.

  1. Select the checkbox next to Hide profanity in chat messages
  2. End the current session
  3. Start a new session to apply the changed setting. Changes will also apply to subsequent session recordings.

    Reloading the session is not sufficient.

Learn more about the chat profanity filter