Add SAML integration settings

After configuring your ADFS, installing Blackboard's public certificate, and getting Blackboard to turn on SAML for your website, you can set up SAML in Site Manager.

  1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Select Integration.
  4. Under SAML Integration select Active.
  5. Type the location of your Active Directory in the Authentication URL field.
  6. Type the text you want to use as the Sign In Header Text. This appears on the Sign In screen.

    Use up to 200 characters for header text.

  7. Type text you want on the SAML Sign In button.

    Use up to 50 characters for button text.

  8. Select the SAML sign in user group you created.

    You can leave this value set to Unassigned. When you assign a group you can manage rights to protected website content for these users.

  9. Select Save.


Our deployment of SAML for your WCM does not use metadata, however, the instructions we provide for you below contain all the relevant information that would be conveyed via metadata.


  • Right click on the Relying Party Trust you created.
  • Select edit claim rule or add rule.
  • Select Send LDAP Attributes as Claims.
  • Claim Rule Name: Enter an identifiable name consistent with your naming conventions.
  • Attribute Store: Select Active Directory.
  • Map SAM-Account-Name to Outgoing Name ID.
  • Map E-Mail-Addresses to Outgoing E-Mail Address.
  • Map Given-Name to Outgoing Given Name.
  • Map Surname to Outgoing Surname.