Once the proxy tool is enabled, administrators need to perform contact synchronization to make the Connect service aware of the users on your institution's system. Access this page from the Administrator Panel under the Users heading. Before beginning, make sure that users at your institution know which predefined field to use for their phone number, and what process your institution uses to update that field, so that you have valid data in this field for your users. The default field sent to Blackboard Connect is set to Mobile Phone.

Connect data synchronization

Provide a Connect User Account name, Connect Password, and SIS Code. This information is provided by the Connect client care representative.

Contact data configuration

The user data fields are sent to Blackboard Connect as contact data. After the initial contact synchronization, changes to the content of these fields for an individual user trigger an automatic update to Blackboard Connect. Changes in the default field after the initial synchronization require a full resynchronization.

If a Learn user is made unavailable, then the corresponding contact on the Connect side is deleted. When the user is made available again the contact is recreated with all the same credentials with a different internal ID for the Connect contact.

The Connect service can store different phone numbers for each contact, so that SMS and text-to-voice messages can be sent to the same Learn user but at different numbers. To enable this feature, two different phone number fields need to be set to synchronize with Connect. As a default, both of the phone number fields are set to Mobile Phone. Depending on which fields your institution uses to store phone number data, you will need to change one or both of these values.


Select Connect Contact Synchronization when you have completed the steps.

A message is sent to the email address associated with the Connect user account when the synchronization process is complete. This email includes a list of successes and failures. The synchronization process can be repeated as many times as necessary to receive satisfactory results.

System announcements can optionally be sent via Connect as SMS, text-to-voice messages, or both after the synchronization is complete. To allow Learn users to choose to have notifications sent to them, enable these options from the General Notifications Settings page.

After the initial synchronization, Blackboard Learn automatically synchronizes with Blackboard Connect every hour. If changes are made to user data (first name, last name, and SMS and text-to-voice phone number fields), the information is updated in the next automatic synchronization. Emails are not sent out for these intermediate synchronizations; only changed user data is sent to Connect.


Mapping is initialized with the first synchronization. The refreshing process is ongoing. Users' account information is available on the User Information page in the Account Information section. If a user is not synchronized with Blackboard Connect, there will be a statement explaining why. For example, if the mobile phone number field is left blank, the student is not synced with Blackboard Connect.

The user fields that are sent to Blackboard Connect include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Voice Phone Number (if the option to send two different phone numbers is selected on the Contact Synchronization page)