Accessibility Features in Edline

To improve the navigation for those users requiring accessibility tools, Edline includes both keyboard functionality and the Accessible Site Navigation page. Those users that require screen-readers will be able to move through the district or school website.

How to Use Keyboard Navigation

  • To navigate past the menu options, press the TAB key then press ENTER for Skip to Content. You can then move through the content on the webpage using your TAB and ENTER keys.
  • To use the menu options, press the TAB key to navigate to the Home menu, then use the arrow keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) to select the menu. Press ENTER for the specific option you need.
  • When on a webpage that contains a tabbed interface section, you can navigate the interface using standard keyboard keys.
    • When using the TAB key through a tabbed interface section, only the currently selected section is accessible. Once on a tabbed interface section, use arrow keys to move through the tab sections.
    • If there are form fields in the opened, tabbed interface section, press the TAB key to move through each field.

      If focus is on the tabbed interface name:

      LEFT/UP Arrows: Display the previous tabbed section.

      RIGHT/DOWN Arrows: Display the next tabbed section.

      HOME: Displays the first tabbed section.

      END: Displays the last tabbed section.

      TAB Key (depending on the type of tabbed interface): Selects the specific tabbed section and sets the section as the focus.

      If focus is on an element in a tabbed interface section:

      CTRL+UP or CTRL+LEFT arrow will set focus on the tabbed interface section name for the currently displayed section.

      Users can press the TAB key through fields in the tabbed interface section.

      To check an option in a tabbed interface section, press SPACE.

      To select only one of multiple options, use the arrow keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT).

How to Open the Accessible Site Navigation Page

The Accessible Site Navigation page acts as a screen-reader friendly alternative to the Edline toolbar navigation. Those who are visually impaired will now be able to access their information more easily through this page.

Your school must turn on the Accessibility feature for the Accessible Site Navigation page to be available.

  • From the Edline menu bar, click the Accessible