See how your community uses the Community Engagement Solution.

The System Reports are listed on the Reports page. Only the reports available to your district or school will be displayed.

System Utilization Report

This report is used to show how system is being used for messaging. Generate the report to see a break down of messages and message per student based on the search criteria.

  1. Select Reports > System Utilization report.
  2. Set your report criteria:
    • Select the School to track a specific school's system usage.
    • Select the School Type, to track a specific type of school's usage, such as High Schools.
    • Select the Message Category to track how many times a specific type of message was send, such as Assignment or Cafeteria.
    • Select the Time Frames to include in the report.
  3. Select Generate Report.

    The report will each school and the total number of messages sent and the number of messages per student for each time frame. By selecting the graph icon below the name of the school, you will the information in graph form.