Create Resources

You can use resources to author a variety of content. You create all resources in a similar way. Navigate to the Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) Create page and click the resource type to create a related resource.

Use the resource editor to customize the format of your content and attach additional files and images. After creating the content, publish your resource so that other users who are approved for sharing can reuse your material under the designated copyright.

  1. Create the resource content and activity settings.
  2. Set the resource settings in the About panel. This includes:

To learn more about the different resource types you can create, see Resource Types.

Draft Resources

Save any resource you create within Blackboard Open Content for final edits and publication at a later date. Click Save Drafts in the resource editor.

Publish Resources

You must publish resources to use them. Resources may be added to several locations at the same time that you publish them. Or, you can publish them without adding them by deselecting Add this Resource to the Following.

  1. Click Publish in the resource editor.
  2. Confirm the resource copyright, sharing permissions, and metadata on the Publish Resource page.
  3. Identify where to add the resource.

  4. Click Finish or Finish and View.