Register each Ally tool

The following steps guide you through the LTI configuration for:

  • Client configuration tool
  • Institution report
  • Course Accessibility report
  1. From your D2L environment, open the Admin Tools and select Manage Extensibility.
    Admin tools menu open with the Manage Extensibility option highlighted.
  2. Select LTI Advantage.
    Manage extensibility page opened with LTI Advantage tab highlighted
  3. Select Register Tool.
  4. Select the Dynamic option.
  5. Copy and paste the link for the tool you want to register into the Tool initiation registration endpoint field. Replace [AllyEnvironment] with the environment information your institution is hosted in.
    • Institution report: https://[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/register/institution
    • Client configuration: https://[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/register/config
    • Course accessibility report: https://[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/register/course
  6. Check the Configure Deployment check box.
    Register a tool page open with the recommended settings.
  7. Select Register.

Ally environment for your region

Use the information for the Ally environment your institution is hosted in.

  • US data center:
  • Canadian data center:
  • European data center:
  • Singapore data center:
  • Australian data center:

Configure tool deployment

D2L Brightspace registers the LTIs as Disabled by default. The LTIs need to be enabled after they're registered.

  1. From your D2L environment open the Admin Tools and select Manage Extensibility.
  2. Select LTI Advantage.
  3. Select the tool.
    LTI Advantage page is open with a table of tools registered. An arrow points points to the tools to select.
  4. Select View deployments at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the deployment corresponding to the application. For example, if you selected the Institution report tool earlier, select the Institution deployment now.
    An arrow points to the table of deployments. Select a deployment to get the ID.
  6. Under Security Settings, check these check boxes:
    • Org Unit Information
    • User Information
    • Link Information
    • Open as External Resource
  7. Select Add Org Units and make the tool available to the appropriate organizational unit
  8. Use the same Name and Description
  9. Copy and paste the appropriate link into the URL field. Replace [AllyEnvironment] with the environment information your institution is hosted in.
    • Institution report: https://institution.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
    • Client Configurationhttps://config.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
    • Course Accessibility reporthttps://course.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
  10. Save the deployment.

Check out how to add the Course Accessibility Report to a course.