Export and print reports

Download a printable version of the full report.

  1. Find the report you want to download and select View report.
    • Select Printable and print the page.

      The printable version of the report includes all participants for the date range selected. If you filter your report by user and select Printable, the printable version still shows all users.

    • Select Export to CSV to export the report.

      iPhone and iPad users should have Microsoft Excel installed on their device to view the report properly.

CSV export column names

This report uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.

  • Name: Name of a unique attendee
  • Username: Unique username of the attendee
    • Join in LMS: The UserName is the attendee's unique student username in the LMS.
    • Guest link: The UserName is the same as the Name column because they are not joining as a student in an LMS.
  • Role: Role of attendee
    • Moderator
    • Presenter
    • Participant
  • AttendeeType: Type of attendee, did the attendee log in with their user account or join as a guest
  • First Join: Date and time when the attendee first joined the session. Uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  • Last Leave: Date and time when the attendee last left the session. Uses the UTC/GMT (00:00) time zone.
  • Total time: The total time the attendee was in the session
  • Joins: The number of times the attendee joined and/or reconnected to the session

    A higher number of joins could mean the attendee was having connectivity issues