Blackboard Data is a key part of the Blackboard software as a service (SaaS) approach to data and analytics. Blackboard Data is where data from all your current Blackboard products come together into a unified database you can access. 

Access Blackboard Data

You can access Blackboard Data through Blackboard Reporting and its reporting tiers.

These tiers enable you to access and explore the underlying dataset through your own SQL queries, and a set of easy-to-use data visualization reports. 

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Current Blackboard Data and Reporting Availability 


Current Blackboard Data and Reporting Availability
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Hosting Region*
Blackboard Data Technical Availability Developer Tier – Blackboard Reporting Reporting Tier – Blackboard Reporting
US-East-1 (USA) Yes Yes Yes
CA-Central-1 (Canada) Yes Yes  
EU-Central-1 (EU-Frankfurt) Yes Yes Yes
AP-Southeast-1 (AP-Singapore) Yes Yes  
AP-Southeast-2 (AP-Sydney) Yes Yes  


*Important Note: Blackboard Data can only access your Blackboard Collaborate data if it is hosted in the same region as your Blackboard Learn. For more information, please visit the Blackboard Collaborate Networking Information page on Behind the Blackboard.

Don't have Blackboard Data? Submit a request for Blackboard Data on Behind the Blackboard.


Data Dictionary

Blackboard's Data Dictionary presents table and column definitions in an easy-to-read format. Use this resource to create reports. Learn about the source, usage, and relationships of the entities available.

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Data Privacy information in Blackboard Data

Want to know more about what personal information is used on the Blackboard Data Platform, where it comes from, where it is hosted, which third party have access to and other data privacy information? 

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Blackboard Data Glossary

  • Column: Columns refer to columns in the database table.
  • Context: Contexts identify where entries apply. For example, in a course or a user session.
  • Crow's foot notation: A common way of showing relationships between tables and entities.
  • Entry: An entry documents a table or column in an easy-to-read format. Entries include an easy-to-read definition, technical specifications, and ERDs.
  • Object: Objects show the fully qualified name of the entry. This includes the schema, table, and column. Each are separated by a dot in the description. For example, schema.table.column
  • Submodel: A submodel is a group of related entries. For example, the Collaboration submodel includes attendance.

How often does the data generally refresh?

Depending on the source, data may refresh every half hour to every night: 

  • Data from your Blackboard Learn environments update every night. 

  • Collaborate data updates approximately every hour.  

  • Telemetry data, such as Ally and SafeAssign, updates approximately every half hour.  

Please note that these refresh times may be subject to change. 

Navigate Blackboard Data

Use the easy navigation menu to move around in Blackboard Data. Select the icon beside the Blackboard Data heading to open the menu. top left menu



Discontinuation of Blackboard Data Insider Program. Blackboard Data Insider Program was launched by Blackboard in June 2020 to provide eligible clients early access to new features and functionality inside the Blackboard Data user interface as well as to demos and previews for upcoming Blackboard Data products.  The program was discontinued in May 2021, once Blackboard Data reached general availability. 

If you were a part of the Blackboard Data Insider Program, your Blackboard Data Insider Account has been automatically upgraded to a Blackboard Data Account under General Availability, allowing you to access the Blackboard Data UI as well as the Snowflake UI with the same credentials you had for the Blackboard Data Insider Program. To log in to the Blackboard Data UI use the Blackboard Data Account sign-in option.  

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