Learning Modules - Forced Sequence and Other Improvements - 3900.34.0

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Impact: Instructors

Learning modules are a helpful tool for arranging content. A learning module provides navigational elements for students. Enforced sequence guides students through the content in the order the instructor defines. We have made a series of improvements to the workflows related to learning modules. These improvements are more intuitive and provide time-saving efficiencies for instructors.

Updated behavior for learning modules:

When an instructor creates a learning module, all settings appear in a peek panel. From the peek panel an instructor can:

  • name the learning module,
  • set the visibility of the learning module for students,
  • add an optional description, and
  • apply forced sequence to the content in the module. Note this option is no longer available on the Release Conditions panel.

New behavior for learning modules:

An instructor can add more content to a learning module with forced sequence applied. This new behavior allows instructors to make modifications to the learning module. This change supports instructors as they guide students towards the desired learning outcomes. For example, results on a formative assessment may show that some concepts need reinforcement. The instructor can add content to the learning module and still control the sequence. If an instructor adds or changes content, a warning notifies the instructor: "Additions and changes in content can make students who already started the module follow a different order."

Figure 1. Before

Learning Modules Forced Sequence for instructors before upgrade

Figure 2. After

Learning Modules Forced Sequence for instructors after the upgrade

For Administrators: These improvements are on by default for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations required.

Watch a video about Learning Modules enhancements

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Learning Modules enhancements shows the latest changes applied to Learn Ultra Learning Modules including forced sequence.

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