PassKeys provide secure single sign on access to web applications.

This is for web applications only. PassKeys don't provide sign on access to offline or desktop applications. This is also for sign on access only. Users still need to create and manage their web application accounts on the web applications.

Site directors or administrators can create, edit, test and delete PassKeys. You may also approve or decline suggestions for PassKeys, import users to a PassKey, or block users from suggesting a PassKey. All of this is done in the PassKeys workspace.

  • Use preconfigured, default PassKeys included in your workspace library
  • Create custom PassKeys and add them to your library
  • Create PassKeys that function as bookmarks
  • Decide who has access to the PassKeys
  • Review a report on how many times the PassKeys are used

Only users with a passport that includes the Manage Passkey privilege can manage PassKeys. To learn more, see Administrative passports.