Monitor and improve accessibility on your district and school sites

Blackboard Ally provides district-wide site content accessibility report that allows for deep insight and understanding into how the institution is performing and evolving from a website content accessibility point-of-view. The Ally Accessibility report helps track progress and can help highlight problem areas and identify initiatives that can further help improve accessibility.

Ally checks accessibility of files uploaded to your site manager. All new and existing content is checked. Checks are made automatically and in real-time against our accessibility checklist based on key areas of the WCAG 2.1 A.A. standard.

You can find the Ally institution report in Site Manager. From Site Manager, find the site or section you want to view. Select Overview in the Ally Accessibility Report.

Don't have Blackboard Ally? Talk to your Blackboard representative. 

Ally accessibility report

Ally’s institution report includes Overview and Sections tabs so that you can get the big picture as well as specific details about the accessibility of your institution’s website content.

  • The Overview tab shows accessibility details for the institution’s digital content in Site Manager.
  • The Sections tab shows you details on the average accessibility score for individual sections. You can sort this view by year or month.