Students and learners sometimes have a need for non-degree or non-credit courses. Likewise, institutions may have a need to deliver non-credit sessions or activities such as orientations, community enrichment, organization, life skills training, etc. Sessions like these are difficult to facilitate through a traditional SIS. Blackboard T&DM can exist alongside a Learn institution’s SIS to streamline these types of activities and enhance the use of Learn.

Training and Development Manager is a new SaaS product that allow institutions to set-up a course catalog, registration with an optional payment gateway, and provide certifications for courses without a need for integration with other systems (like the SIS). It is currently available only for Learn users, regardless of hosting deployment (SaaS, MH, SH).

Significant features:

  • Course Catalog with Self Enrollment: Facilitates learner access of Learn offerings by allowing them to browse a catalog of available offerings using configurable filters and self-enroll.
  • Administrative Enrollment: Allows bulk enrollment of learners into offerings based on any combination of learner attributes from the enhanced profile.
  • Learner Self Account Creation: Enables perspective learners to create system accounts allowing organizations to extend their offerings to wider populations.
  • Dashboards and Certificates: Learners can view their past, current, and upcoming offerings and see detail indicators of progress in each offering. Organizations can define how progress is measured and certificates awarded.
  • Payment Gateway: Organizations can link to a PayPal merchant account and require payment for registration.