Social Media Sharing

Decide what you share and how you share it in social media.

We updated our social media settings to allow administrators to choose which information is shared by apps on social media. Now you choose which information you want to share with social media and its users. These settings can be enabled or disabled in Site Manager.

Upload a meta image

Some apps allow you to upload an image to be shared on social media. You must create a record in the app first before you can attach a meta image to it. Let's look at the announcement app as an example.

  1. Navigate to an existing announcement or create a new announcement.
  2. Select Edit. You must create the record first before you can upload a meta image to attach to the record.
  3. Upload your meta image by choosing Select an Image.
  4. Select Save.

Share your record

Copy the link in the app settings and paste to your social media outlet.

We recommend using your social media's validator tool to validate the link before posting.

Facebook validator tool

Twitter validator tool

If you have open graph (OG) metatags set up in your template head content, you will need to clear them out.