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Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.

You can easily view the institution and course announcements your institution and instructors have posted.

Find your announcements

You can access your announcements on the activity stream or on the course's Home Page. Visit the "Activity Stream" topic for more information about the activity stream. Institution announcements appear on the Learn login page and the activity stream.

You may also receive notifications about announcements and your instructor can send emails about important course announcements.

Activity stream

Course announcements appear in the Today or Recent section of the activity stream based on when you sign in. Most announcements disappear from your activity stream when you view them within your course.

Announcements on the Activity Stream, showing under Today and Recent

You receive a course announcement and an activity stream notification about course groups you need to join. If you haven't joined, that alert remains in the activity stream.

Activity stream announcement telling students to join a group

Course Home Page

The Home Page is a course module page. Your instructor can rename or delete this page, and create other course module pages. Your instructor also chooses which modules appear.

In the My Announcements module, only announcements for the course you're in appear. No institution announcements appear. Recent announcements appear as links. Select an announcement or more announcements... to view the complete list of course announcements. At the top of the page, you can filter your announcements by Institution and Course.

More on the course Home Page