What is cloud storage?

You can upload files to web apps that run in the "cloud" and aren't installed on your computer, such as OneDrive®.

Your files are stored on secure, online servers where they're protected from accidents and viruses. If something happens to your computer or phone, you don't have to worry about file loss. You can access your files in the cloud any time you're connected to the internet, on any of your devices.

In your course, you can instantly connect to multiple web apps where you store files. Blackboard Learn uses a cloud integration service for easy access to many web apps in one location.

Access cloud storage for the first time

When you access cloud storage for the first time, you choose the web app you want to connect to:

  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • OneDrive for Business

    If you have an institution OneDrive account, use OneDrive for Business.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive™

Next, sign in and allow the cloud integration service to connect to your web app.

You can to use your institutional account as well as personal accounts to login to the service and upload files. However, 'stored accounts' inside Learn are not supported anymore. We still support OneDrive for Business accounts and Google Workspace accounts (formerly Google GSuite).

Learn ultra cloud storage allow access to Google drive

In the cloud storage pop-up window, you see your files for the selected web app. You can:

  • Unselect files, Cancel or select the upper right X button to cancel and go back to the list of services available.
  • Select a file from the folders available.
  • Log out.

When you choose a file from the list by selecting the checkbox in front of it, the Select  button appears. The number on the button corresponds to the number of files selected. Select that button to confirm your choice.

The file you chose will be previewed, and you can either select Import to confirm your choice and to add the file to your content item, or the button Cancel to go back to the folder file. You can cancel your choice by selecting the file's upper right X icon.

After you import the file, it will appear as part of the content item you are creating or editing, and you can proceed with your creation process.

Learn Ultra shows the flow to create a new item using a file imported from Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and shared computers

If you use a computer that others use, clear your cookies and site data after you sign out. Then, other users can’t access your files in cloud storage.

Access cloud storage in your course

You can access your files in cloud storage when you submit assignments.

In an assignment's Attach Files section, select Browse Cloud Service.

If you can't access cloud storage in your course, contact your administrator. Cloud storage might not be available in your Blackboard Learn deployment.


Add files from cloud storage

When you add files from cloud storage, the system makes copies of the files in your course. The files aren't linked. Any change you make to a file within your course doesn't apply to the file in cloud storage.

  1. In the Attach Files section, select Browse Cloud Service.
  2. In the cloud storage pop-up window, select a web app from the menu and select one or more files. Or, select a folder title to view the contents and select a file. You can select a ZIP file—a compressed package of files. ZIP files stay compressed when you add them. Students select the ZIP file to download it to their computers and unzip it to access the contents.
  3. The button Select, will show you the number of files selected (e.g. Select 2) and allows you to continue the process.
  4. A preview of the files chosen will appear. Select Import to add the files to the content item as attachments.
    Learn Ultra import files using the Cloud Storage Service