View grades from your course

  1. From your course, select the My Grades link on the course menu or on the Tools page.

    On the My Grades page, you can view all the coursework and grades for the course you're in. Pressing the Tab key first announces the name of the assignment, followed by its grade.

    If you want to view only those assignments which have been graded, select the Graded link—among All/Graded/Upcoming/Submitted.

  2. Select the name of an assignment or test.

    You arrive at the Attempts page. From here, you can press the T key to jump to the table that contains the grades of each attempt.

    Use table navigation commands to review the grade for each attempt. Alt + Ctrl + Up/Down arrows move you between attempts, and Alt + Ctrl + Left/Right arrows move you between the Date Created, Date Last Submitted or Edited, and Calculated Grade columns. JAWS announces column headers as you move to them.

  3. Select the grade number in the Calculated Grade column.

    This selection allows you to view a breakdown of the score, including points earned for each test question.

    If no grade has been assigned, a graphic appears that reads "Needs Grading" or "grade.status.needsgrading."

    After you press Enter on a grade, you'll arrive at the View Attempt page.

    Use the H key to jump between each question. The grade for a question appears below its heading, followed by the original question prompt.

    If your instructors have allowed it, you can view their feedback on this page as well. Find their feedback for the test above the heading marking the first question.

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