Create a multiple choice or multiple answer question

Multiple choice and multiple answer questions are graded automatically. If an assessment only has these types of questions, the assessment scores are posted automatically for students to view.

You'll use the same process to create questions in tests and assignments.

Add multiple answer question

To create multiple answer questions, use the multiple choice question type and choose multiple correct answers. You can allow partial credit and negative credit for answers.

New questions don't have a default correct answer. You can't save unless you select at least one correct answer and add text for all your answers.

Questions have a default value of 10 points, but you can select the points box to enter a different value.

If you want more than four answer boxes, select Add Option. You can change the order of answers and delete them as needed.


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Partial and negative credit

You can allow partial and negative credit for multiple choice questions to award students who have partial understanding and foster a positive learning experience.

From a multiple choice question, enter your answers and select the correct ones. Then select Allow partial and negative credit. The application automatically distributes the 100% credit amount across the correct responses. For example, if a question has two correct answers, each is worth 50%.

  • If you don't want the answers divided evenly, you can edit the positive value for each correct answer.
  • To subtract points for an incorrect answer, enter a negative percentage value.
  • To allow a negative overall score for the question, select Allow overall negative score.
Question credit auto-distributes across correct answer options; values can be edited

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