Progress Tracking

You can enable this functionality to give your students an easy way to keep track of what they have done inside each one of the courses. When enabling progress tracking later than the beginning of the term, participatory items will be retroactively marked as complete. For example, assessments submitted previously by students will be marked as complete. Non-participatory items, like Ultra documents, will still need to be manually marked by students.

You can enable progress tracking at any time during the term.

Turn progress tracking on for your course:

  1. Select Courses from the Ultra navigation menu.
  2. Select a Course.
  3. On Details & Actions > Progress Tracking, select Turn on. 
    Details & Actions menu with progress tracking turn on option highlighted by a rectangle.
  4. Once the Progress Tracking panel opens, switch the toggle from off to on.
  5. Save your new settings. 

Your students will now see the progress of their course. Every item like content or assessments will display a circle icon showing the progress.

  • Empty when a student had not yet accessed the item
  • Partially filled when a student has opened the item
  • Green checkmark when the student has completed the item
  • progress tracking status

Students can mark complete items like Documents, uploaded files, or links once they have opened them. For any other items like Assessments, Tests, Journals, or Discussions, the item will automatically be marked as complete when the student has submitted. When all items in a Folder or Module have been completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.


Progress tracking will be behind a feature toggle, and administrators can decide whether they want to give instructors the ability to turn this feature on at the institution level.