Supported HTML

The Blackboard apps support various HTML and CSS features of the Blackboard Learn content editor. Refer to this table for a detailed list of HTML tags and where they are supported in the apps.

Full HTML: Bold, italic, underline, strike through, web links, file links, paragraphs, DIV, &nbsp, superscript, subscript, text color, text size, bulleted lists, numbered lists, background color (text highlight), alignment, tab, horizontal rule, line, table, iFrame, embedded image, HTML 5 video, YouTube mashup

Partial HTML: Paragraphs, DIV, &nbsp

*Text color and HTML tags for content names and titles aren’t supported in the apps. HTML tags in titles are filtered out and not displayed in Blackboard app 3.5+ and Blackboard Instructor 1.7+.

Supported HTML in Blackboard Apps
Natively Supported ContentHTML Support
SubjectPlain text
MessageFull HTML
Course linkNot displayed
Assignments (Original courses)
NamePlain text
InstructionsPartial HTML
FeedbackPartial HTML
Assignments (Ultra courses)
NamePlain text
DescriptionPlain text
Assignment contentFull support for Ultra content editor
FeedbackFull support for Ultra content editor
NamePlain text
File namePlain text
Course Link
NamePlain text
DescriptionNot displayed
Discussion Forum
NamePlain text
DescriptionFull HTML
ThreadFull HTML
Reply to threadFull HTML
Reply to replyFull HTML
Course link namePlain text
Course link descriptionNot displayed
Document (Ultra courses)
NamePlain text
BodyFull support for Ultra content editor
NamePlain text
FilenamePlain text
NamePlain text
DescriptionNot displayed
NamePlain text
Alt textNot displayed
Long descriptionPlain text
Item (Original courses)
NamePlain text
BodyFull HTML
Learning Module
NamePlain text
DescriptionNot displayed

*Learning Modules function the same as folders. Table of contents isn't displayed.
Lesson Plan
NamePlain text
DescriptionNot displayed

*Lesson Plans function the same as folders. Metadata isn't displayed.
Test (Original courses)
NamePlain text
Content link descriptionNot displayed
Test descriptionNot displayed
Test instructionsPartial HTML
Test question titlePartial HTML
Test question bodyPartial HTML
Test question answer choicePartial HTML

*Attachments and links aren't displayed
Feedback: per questionNot displayed
Feedback: attemptPartial HTML
Test (Ultra courses)
NamePlain text
DescriptionPlain text
Test question bodyFull support for Ultra content editor
Test question answer choiceFull support for Ultra content editor
Submission feedbackFull support for Ultra content editor
Unsupported Content Types: Tool Link, Blog, Wiki, Journal, Collaborate Ultra Session Manager, Syllabus, YouTube Mashup
NamePlain text
DescriptionNot displayed
NamePlain text
File NamePlain text
Web Link
NamePlain text
TextNot displayed

Supported content types

Wondering which content types are supported in the apps? See Supported Content in Blackboard apps.