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You can use Likert questions on forms to measure students' attitudes or reactions with a comparable scale.

Example Likert question in an end of unit survey

Likert questions are graded automatically.

A Likert question in a Survey created in the Original course view converts/copies to a Form in the Ultra course view. The scale range default is 3.

Create a Likert question

  1. From a form, select the Add button and select Add Likert question. The Content and Settings tab opens. 
Set up a Likert question
  1. Under Form Content, in Question Text, enter a question or statement.
  2. By default, the scale includes three options with Strongly Disagree and Strongly Agree as suggested labels for options 1 and 3. In the Scale range, you can select a range of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 and enter labels for poles as needed.
  3. To include a "not applicable" option, select Add not applicable option.
  4. Select Save. A preview shows the question as it will appear on the form.
    • To make any adjustments to the question, select Edit from the menu. 
    • To add more questions, select Add.
  5. To include an Additional Content section for students to enter text, images, or files to their responses, select Allow students to add content at the end of form