Explore the Tools panel

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These tools may appear on the Tools panel on the My Institution tab:

  • Announcements: Displays announcements for all your courses and from your institution. Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.
  • Calendar: Displays course events that you've added. You can also add private, personal events.
  • Tasks: Keep track of the course tasks you've added. You can also add personal tasks.
  • My Grades: Lists grades for all courses for the student role.
  • Send Email: Send email messages to course members' external email addresses.
  • User Directory: Lists users within Blackboard Learn. Users only appear if they indicate that they want to be included on the Set Privacy Options page.
  • Address Book: Store contact information. The address book is empty until you create contacts. You must create a profile for anyone you want to add to your address book even if the contact is a Blackboard Learn user.
  • Personal Information: Access and edit your personal information that appears to other users. You can also change your password, set your privacy options, and personalize your settings.
  • Goals: If enabled by your institution, you can access the Goal Performance Dashboard from the Tools panel.

ULTRA: Tools

Instructors, you're in the right place!
Students, view tools information specific to students.
Administrators, view tools information specific to administrators.

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In the list where your name appears, select Tools to access the global functions that are outside a course.

The cross-course Blackboard tools you're familiar with are available on the Tools page, such as the Content Collection, goals, enterprise surveys, and portfolios.

Your page stays uncluttered because you only see the tools you have access to.