A course import package is a ZIP file of exported course content. When you import a course package into an existing course, the content of the package is copied into the existing course. Import packages don't include student enrollments or data, student enrollments or data, such as discussion activity and grades.

You don't want to upload an exported course package that you've edited after it was created and downloaded. If you open the ZIP file and change any of the files in the exported course package, the result will be unstable and unpredictable behavior when the course is imported.

Import a course package

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Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs > Import Package

On the Import Package page, browse for the course package on your computer. Select the course materials to include and submit.

About content areas

Content from content areas appearing on the course menu that have the same name in the package as in the existing course will be added in the same content area. Nothing is removed from the course and replaced with content from the package. Imported content is appended to existing content in the same content area.

About discussion board forums

Include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymously) or include only forums with no started posts in the course copy.

About course links

Links to parts of a course that aren't imported will break when the links appear in the destination course. For example, if a link to a test appears in a content area and you choose not to copy tests, the link to the test will break.

About delegated grading

When you import a course without enrollments into an existing course, the delegated setting is brought over as enabled for all existing delegated grading assignments. All current users who can reconcile are also set to grade all submissions.

View import logs

Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs

In the Import Log Name column, select the package link.

Options to email and download the log are available. You can also expand each log detail to view more information.

Common cartridge packages

Common cartridge is an initiative led by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. The initiative supports course packages you can use across learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard Learn.

More on the common cartridge format

ULTRA: Import course content

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You can import a course package from a previous course or from another instructor. When you import content, the content comes over in bulk—all of the content comes over at once. You can import content from the Original or Ultra Course View. This information also applies to organizations.

The Copy/Import option isn't available for courses in Ultra preview mode. You can't import Common Cartridge packages into the Ultra Course View at this time.

You can also import ZIP files of Original Course View question pools or other question resources into your Ultra course. The Original course's question pools appear as question banks after conversion.

On the Course Content page, access the menu next to the Batch Edit link. Select Import Content > Import Course and choose the course package to upload from your computer. All of the content from the package will import to your course. The new content appears at the end of the content list. The import doesn't include student enrollments or data, such as discussion activity and grades.

You can import compressed files only. Supported file types are ZIP and IMSCC.

You can also import files from cloud storage and add content from the Content Collection.

Want to copy individual pieces of content? More on how to copy content between Ultra courses.

Import Details panel

When the workflow is complete, if some items from the Original Course View couldn't be imported in the Ultra Course View, a number is listed.

Select the number link at the bottom of the screen to review a list of content flagged by the system. A panel opens. Select an item for more information. Select the X in the top, black bar to return to the list in the panel.

ULTRA: Import a course in CourseSites

The new CourseSites provides educators across the globe with access to Blackboard's comprehensive digital learning environment, including Learn, Collaborate, Ally, and our mobile apps. CourseSites is your destination to try out the Ultra experience and teach courses online, for free.

You can experiment with your existing Original courses in CourseSites.

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