A locale is a set of conventions and specifications that govern the formatting of data for output and the interpretation of user input. Such data includes date and time formats, number formats, name presentation, sorting rules, currency symbols, vocabulary, and grammar rules.

Locale code

Each locale has its own particular code, formatted as follows: two lower-case letters indicating the language used in the locale, followed by two uppercase letters indicating the region. For example: en_US. The first two letters indicate the language is English while the last two letters indicate the region is the United States. This is the default locale for Blackboard Learn.

Time zones

The time zone is set automatically by data from your internet browser. In courses, the time zone for due dates and calendar items is responsive to the time zones of the users. Instructors can assign a due date of 11:00PM Eastern time, and a student in the Pacific time zone will see a due date of 8:00PM.