To help users understand changes and effectively use new features, we include in-product updates. Product updates are brief mentions of what is new in the Ultra Course View or Original Course View. Product updates will vary by role. For example, instructors will have different updates from students.

We strive to be data-informed to help make our products better. Feedback and input from those who use our products every day is a critical part of this process. User engagement surveys are brief polls launched to a small sample of users. Each survey has its own purpose. For example, a survey might ask users to rate their overall experience of a feature or workflow. A user can easily dismiss a survey and will not see the survey again. Only a small set of users will see the survey. The collected feedback will help us improve the product and prioritize our roadmap. We will share survey results with our clients.

Please note:

  • Product updates and user engagement surveys do not support right to left languages.
  • These new settings apply to Base Navigation and include Original and Ultra courses.
  • Administrators can opt out if desired. In the Administrator Panel, select Configure Ultra Experience. The settings are User Engagement Surveys and Product Updates.