Administrators can determine the availability of tools related to the Learning Objects Catalog, and make these tools and the ability to submit entries to the catalog available based on user role.

Some of these options are only available if your institution has access to community engagement features.

The Manage Catalog tool can be set to available or unavailable system wide. If it is set to available, users with specific roles are selected to manage the Learning Objects catalog. This includes adding and editing catalog categories and managing catalog entries. This tool appears in the Content Collection menu for all catalog managers.

If your institution has access to community engagement features, specific roles can be selected to manage the catalog. If your institution does not has access to community management features, only administrators can act as catalog managers.

Set catalog management options

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, select Learning Objects Catalog.
  2. Select Catalog Management Options.
  3. In the System Availability field, select Yes to make the Manage Catalog tool available on the system. If No is selected, this tool will be available only to administrators.

    If your institution has access to community engagement features, select which roles in the Items to Select list have access the Manage Catalog tool and use the arrows to move these roles into the Selected Items list.

  4. Select Submit.