Jos olet hallinnoidun ylläpidon asiakas, tämä sisältö ei koske sinua.

The log files that appear within the user interface are also accessible within the file system. It should be noted that the user interface provides a more descriptive title than the names in the file system. Also, when opening logs downloaded from the user interface, it may be necessary to open them in Excel or a similar program because the text can run together making individual entries difficult to discern.

The following table lists the logs as they appear in the file system, in the user interface, and a description of each.

Log Descriptions
File System User Interface Description
collab-server DATE_Collaboration Server_BYTES Logs events associated with the Collaboration Service.
content-exchange DATE_Content Exchange Tool_BYTES Logs events and errors with Course import/export/archive/restore/copy
httpd   Logs events from the Web server (IIS or Apache™).
perlex DATE_Perl App Server_BYTES Logs events associated with the Perl engine.
snapshot Snapshot Tool Logs snapshot events.
system-info DATE_System Information_BYTES Lists hardware and software information and settings.
update-tools DATE_System Update_BYTES Logs events associated with system updates.
bb-services-log DATE_Blackboard Services (Daemons)_BYTES Logs services exceptions, including authentication exceptions.
isapi_redirect.log DATE_Session Manager_BYTES Logs session exceptions.
jasper.log   Logs additional events written by the Tomcat Java App Server if the verbosity is set to high.
servlet.log DATE_servlet.log_BYTES Logs Java servlet events.
tomcat-jvm-stderr.txt DATE_Java App Server - stderr_BYTES Logs Java App server exceptions.
bb-sqlerror-log.txt   Logs any database-related errors, including deadlocks, timeouts, and SQL execution issues.
bb-email-log.txt   Logs all system-generated email.
batch_du.txt   Contains the following logs: bb-schema, collab-server, cxproc_shell, and system-info/tracking.
catalina-log.txt   This is AS-based info coming from the Application Server.
stdout-stderr.log   This is the Tomcat standard out log, where everything the appserver sends to std out or error goes.