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Release Information

  • Launch Date: July 17, 2013
  • Release Number: 1.3.1025511
  • Requirements: Service Pack (SP) 11 and later

This is the latest version of the Retention Center Building Block.

Supported Platforms

The Retention Center Building Block is supported on the following platforms:

  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 11 (Build: 9.1.110082.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12 (Build: 9.1.120113.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 13 (Build: 9.1.130093.0)

Release Highlights

The following issues are resolved in this release of the Retention Center Building Block:

  • Retention Center Performance Issue where the Retention Center is slow to load (Article 32038). Performance improvements have been made in this release, improving the overall load time. Our performance and engineering teams continue to analyze the retention center performance, with additional improvements to come in a future release of the Building Block.
  • Retention Center is not showing the most recent announcement and shows the wrong posting date (Article 32763)
  • Retention Center Excluded rule will overlay other Retention Center text, if the rule name is lengthy (Article 28816)
  • Instructors can receive Access Denied message when attempting to access My Bb Retention Center (Internal)
  • Resolution of a security vulnerability, as documented in Security Advisory LRN-71216

Release Notes for Earlier Versions

Release notes for earlier versions are available in English only.