Push notifications pop up on your mobile device for course events. Just swipe from the notification to view the content. Push notifications are generated in Ultra courses only for newly created discussions and replies to your posts. While logged in to Blackboard on a web browser, you can control which push notifications pop up on the mobile device where you have Blackboard Instructor installed.

Push notifications for Original courses aren't supported in the Blackboard Instructor app.

Do I have the Original experience or the Ultra experience?

Turn on or change notification settings on your device

Select OK or Allow if your mobile device asks if you want to allow notifications for Blackboard Instructor.

You can change how your device displays notifications and turn them on or off.

  • iOS: Go to Settings. Select Notifications and locate Blackboard Instructor in the list of apps.
  • Android: Go to Settings. Locate Apps, select Blackboard Instructor, and tap Notifications.

Change the types of push notifications you receive

You can change which events send push notifications to your device from the app or in the web view of Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience.

In the app's main menu, tap Settings. Select Push Notifications and set your preferences. Changes you make in the app are reflected in the web view of Blackboard Learn and vice versa.

Ultra experience web view: change push notification settings

In most cases, push notifications for announcements are turned on at the system level. At this time, you can't control announcement push notifications in the app or web view of Blackboard Learn. If you don't receive announcement push notifications for Ultra courses, please contact your school's Blackboard help desk.