iOS Setting to Allow Cross-Website Tracking for Blackboard Instructor App

With the release of Blackboard Instructor app v4.11, a new iOS setting was created for the app to allow cross-website tracking. This setting may be required to access LTI tool links from the app on iOS devices.

Before the "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" setting was made available on iOS devices, Blackboard Instructor app users may have encountered 3rd-party session cookie errors when accessing LTI tool links.

These 3rd-party session cookie errors have not been observed on Android devices when accessing LTI tool links from the app.

In order to enable "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" for the Blackboard instructor app, please follow the steps below:

  • Update the Blackboard Instructor app to v4.11 on an iOS device
  • Launch the app to add the "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" option to the iOS Settings menu
  • Close the app in order to enable the setting
  • Go to Settings and Instructor  to enable the setting

This information is also documented on Behind the Blackboard in article number 000076036.

Download, print, export options don't work for assignment submission files

The Blackboard Instructor app doesn't support download or print functions for assignment files or annotations at this time. When users tap the Download icon, no action occurs. When users select Print from the menu, they can't successfully print the file or its annotations. Export options can be accessed, but don't work as expected.

Announcement push notifications for Ultra courses need to be enabled at system level

In most cases, push notifications for announcements are turned on at the system level. At this time, there isn’t a setting for users to turn announcement push notifications on or off in the app or web view of Blackboard Learn. If users aren’t receiving announcement push notifications for Ultra courses, please set the system default notification settings to "on" or "always on" in the admin panel. Note that they won’t be able to opt out of them at this time. More on default notification settings.

Force to web logins inflated in activity accumulator table

When the Mobile B2 is configured with Force to Web authentication, the activity accumulator table in the Blackboard Learn database records the Mobile Login Attempt multiple times for every mobile app user login on iOS and Android . This affects logins from both the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps. This table shows how mobile usage activity statistics for logins will be inflated:

Blackboard App Requirements
Learn Version

Blackboard App


Blackboard Instructor App


Blackboard App


Blackboard Instructor App


Enterprise/Classic 2 entries 2 entries 3 entries 3 entries
SaaS 2 entries 2 entries 1 entry 1 entr

Blackboard Instructor not compatible with Session Fingerprint

Resolved in Blackboard Learn SaaS 3500.7+

The Blackboard Instructor app is not compatible with Session Fingerprint settings to create a new session when the fingerprint changes. Several types of content that are not supported in the native UI are loaded in an in-app browser (webView), which uses a different user agent than the native app view. The traffic for webView requests does not go through the mBaaS relay like native requests, so the remote IP address and user agent changes. Therefore, the user agent and IP address must change in any webView workflow, and attempting to create a new session upon a change to the session fingerprint causes a session failure in the webView in-app browser.

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