Auto-Reporting Options

Auto-reporting sends system updates to a secure Blackboard server automatically. Blackboard Support uses this information to assist you in maintaining Blackboard Learn. In addition, administrators can turn off the event tracking that generates reports on activity in Blackboard Learn from this page. You can find these options by going to Administrator Panel > System Reporting > Auto-Reporting Options.

Benefits of auto-reporting include:

  • Assist in capacity planning with Blackboard Learn for future growth
  • Notification from Blackboard Learn when a patch or upgrade is available
  • Assist system maintenance with the help of Blackboard Support staff

Set auto-reporting options

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, select System Reporting.
  2. Select Auto-Reporting Options.
  3. To automatically send system data updates to a secure Blackboard Learn server, select Yes in the Reporting field.

    If Auto-Reporting is turned off, no data will still be sent to the Blackboard Learn database.

  4. To turn off tracking and reporting of user actions through System Reporting and Advanced System Reporting, select No in the Event Tracking field.