The scripts are delivered to administrators as a part of the Blackboard Drive for Mac installation package.

Administrator Scripts for Mac
Script Name Description
Adds customer configuration file into the installation package.
Extracts customer configuration file from the installation package.
Helper script that is used by
Script used to unpack all of the contents of the installation package.

How to Add a Customer Configuration File


./ OriginalImage.dmg CustomerConfig.xml

Both files must exist in the current directory and be specified without path, that, filenames only.

The directory in which you are creating customized package should only contain the customization scripts, source .dmg image and the configuration XML file to be used.

You need root rights to set correct privileges to the files in the package.

How to Extract the Customer Configuration File


./ CustomizedImage.dmg [custom_config_name]

CustomizedImage.dmg is name of customized installation image and must exist.

The default name of extracted file is xdconfig_customer.xml and can be overridden by changing the optional variable [custom_config_name].

If the extracted file exists in location, it will be deleted first.

How to Repack the Installation Bundle


./repack [options] <image file>

This script mounts the <image file> image and unpacks all archives that can be found in this image.

After entering the root password, the installer is extracted to the subfolder "unpacked" where PKG files can be opened by "Show package content" in Finder. TextEdit does not allow you to edit config files inside configdata.pkg. Such files have to be edited in a different location and then copied to configdata.pkg to replace the older version.

The Repack script then waits in the command line for your confirmation to continue. A modified installation image with the suffix _customized is created.

Commands for Mac
-h Show a summary of command line options and exit.
-v Show a summary of command line options and exit.
-d Do not remove the directory into which <image file> is unpacked.
-c <custom image> Name of the custom image that is the output of this script. The default name is <image file>_customized.dmg.
-m <mount path> Image file is mounted to <mount path>. The default value is ./pkgmnt.
-u <unpacked dir> Image file archives are unpacked into <unpacked dir>. Default value is ./unpacked.