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Use the Account Info and Settings to configure your account information and your app preferences.

Set account changes

To manage an account from the app, select the icon with your name.

The Account Info will display the numbers the school has in your file, your email addresses, and home addresses. From here you can change your password, and edit delivery settings to each type of contact information.

Change your password

  1. To change a password, from the Account Info, select Change Password.
  2. Type your Current password (for security purposes).

    If unsure of the correct username and/or password, contact the school and they will be able to provide that information.

  3. Type and confirm a new password.
  4. Select Save new password when finished.

Change your delivery preferences

Update where you want to receive your messages for each type of notification.

  1. Select Edit Delivery Settings to display the Delivery Settings window.
  2. Set delivery preferences for each type of message (Emergency, Attendance, Balance, Survey, and/or Other), by selecting the following icons:
    • Mobile app notification
    • Text/SMS number
    • Phone number
    • Email address

    For each message topic and each device, select the green icon to turn off the notification, or select a gray icon to turn on the notification.

Set app preferences

You can change the preferences for the mobile app using the Settings icon. These changes affect how information appears in the mobile app.

Select your schools

  1. To select your district and schools to include in your app, select Follow organizations.
  2. Select the schools to include.
  3. Save your changes.

Change your alert preferences

  1. To select the alerts to receive on your app, select Configure alerts.
  2. Select the alerts you want to receive.
    The following options are automatically set to On, but you can change the setting.
    • Cafeteria balance
    • Attendance
    • Class grade drop
    • Class grade update
    • Low score
    • Missing assignment
    • Assignment graded
  3. For any balance or grade alerts, set the threshold amount for the alert.
    For example, for lunch balance, you can set the dollar amount to $10, if you want to receive an alert when the balance falls below that amount.
  4. Save your changes.

Select your language

  1. To update the app to display information in your preferred language, tap Select language.
  2. Select your language.
  3. Save your changes.

Select the cafeteria menus

  1. To select which school cafeteria menus to display, select Setup Menus.
  2. Select the schools to view.
  3. Select which menus to view.
  4. Save your changes.